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One, two, three … Stars! Or bridges between stories and numbers

Is a path of integrated actions of active, playful, intercultural and interdisciplinary education, both inside and outside the school, planned in a participatory and community form aimed at drawing urban educational constellations around a first privileged dialogue (the starting constellation) between the language of numbers, letters and myth.

The network is made by differents cultural and social organizations and aimed:
– to experiment – inside and outside school – educational and educational paths and processes in intercultural and interdisciplinary ways for the promotion of cognitive and non-cognitive skills – starting from a playful research of the fascinating interweavings that exist between the language of letters and the language of numbers – able to activate in children and children unexplored potential of understanding, connection and storytelling within any area and context of learning;
– to the construction of bridge-paths in the passages between the different levels of school;
– to enhance, revitalize and care of school and urban spaces as a community creative exercise of citizenship and socio-cultural promotion.

The project was selected by the Social Enterprise CON I BAMBINI as part of the Fund to Combat Child Educational Poverty: http://www.conibambini.org/

It is planned to implement:

– an active education centre with activities inside (at the school and the locations of the MOON HUB) and outdoors in a widespread and itinerant way with the use of the ludobus and with other tools such as exits and explorations on foot and by bike;

– the pataphysical garden co-designed by all partners and realized at MOON HUB. An urban itinerary of interactive and playful pataphysical installations that tell the project path even with a boardcode system;

– rising stars, new urban educational principals that arise from the enlargement of the educating community;

– the map at Comeback-stars, a reasoned map of the rising urban constellation (the composition of all principals, the main ones of the school and partners and the widespread ones that will be born in the community);

– the establishment of an association that expresses the different components of the project that will continue to hold the network together and promote active education in the territory and that will become part of the Federation of CEMEA, based at MOON.