The Heavenly Table in Rome

On Sunday, 22 February, and Sunday, 15 March, you can visit The Heavenly Table in Rome, in the beautiful building of the Italian Geographic Society at Palazzetto Mattei, Villa Celimontana in Via della Navicella 12.

The interactive exhibition will be held in the context of the initiative “Territori Bio Tipici”, dedicated to healthy food and typical seasonal and organic products. In these two days we welcome our small and bigger visitors to take part in cooking, photography and literature workshops and enjoy the food stands, product tastings and exhibitions.

For The Heavenly Table the following hours are scheduled: 14.30  15.30

To participate please sign up by phone or e-mail:

06-7008279 – servizi@societageografica.it

Here you can download the full programme.

The exhibition is promoted by PO FESR Basilicata “MenSALe ” – historical and artistical canteens of the region of Basilicata, which aims at acquiring evidence of nutritional habits with a focus on environmental, cultural and scenic characteristics of the region through research on consumer products, objects and structures as well as their artistic representation and diffusion.

The exhibition, which has been developed and realised by La Luna al Guinzaglio, has been coproduced by the Superintendence for the Historical, Artistic and Ethno-anthropological Heritage for the region Basilicata. The Heavenly Table is an interactive installation inspired by Francesco Niccolini’s text “Il Grande Orologiaio/The Great Clock-maker” and takes us on a poetic journey through Astronomy by way of a long table adorned with kitchen tools. The installation reinterprets 400 years of research on the sky and time and space, on Man’s navigation characterised by a number of trials and errors and the discoveries of the 14th to the 18th century that have shaped our vision of the world.

You can download the APP of the exhibition as well as the audio files with the texts read by the author F. Niccolini from the website www.latavolaceleste.it !

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